TNT Revives Dallas

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The trend of re-making TV shows is never going to die. Many people of my generation are unfamiliar with the TV show Dallas, which is surprising because it ran from 1978-1991 encapsulating some 357 episodes1. The 1980 episode referred to as “Who Shot J.R.?” remains the 2nd most watched show ever, based on percentage of households. The remake contains two cast members from the original series, Larry Hagman, who is actually known better to younger folk as Major Nelson from I Dream of Jeanie, and Patrick Duffy, known by the younger crowd from Step by Step.

The show also contains a few Desperate Housewives alumni, Brenda Strong (narrator Mary Alice Young), Jesse Metcalfe (the gardener Eva Longoria was banging in season 1) and Josh Henderson (Edie Britt’s oversexed nephew).

My guess is that fans of the original will hate this, and it won’t appeal to the younger crowd. Then again, I am wrong all the time.

  1. To put that in perspective, Seinfeld and Friends ran for a combined 416 episodes []