Alex Rios Is Not Tradeable

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colintj of South Side Sox on Alex Rios:

But so in theory, it’s possible to trade Rios to a team that thinks he’s worth something above replacement for some significant period of time. The question is, who are you going to find? It’s fairly common for human beings to overrate the significance of those results which are most recent and Rios’ most recent results are mind-searingly bad. Even a hyper-rational human is going to be wary of a guy that makes every pitcher look like Bugs Bunny squaring off against the Gas House Gorillas.

This article is from July 26th. Since then, Rios has made at least three horrible defensive gaffes. No one is trading for this guy1. And the worst part is that Ozzie insists on continuing to play him.

  1. The only possible exception would be if one of the contenders lost TWO of their starting outfielders to injury []