Baffling Inconsistencies in OS X Lion Multi-Touch

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Chris Rawson of TUAW tries to make sense of OS X Lion’s gestures:

You might have already caught on to the inconsistency, but I’ll spell it out anyway: If you have natural scrolling enabled and have also enabled swiping with either two or three fingers, the gesture direction is completely reversed depending on the number of fingers you use. The result: brain meltdown.

I was majorly disappointed with the fact that the two finger swipe didn’t make Finder go back and forward, so like Rawson I tried to fiddle with the three finger scrolling which I heard was the solution. When I discovered the above I almost punched a hole through my screen.

Rawson describes the issue in better detail, but it makes absolutely no sense. My friend Dave has been re-iterating the lack of polish he has seen in Lion, and every day I think he is more and more right.