iOS Betas Are ‘Beta’ For a Reason

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Chris Rawson of TUAW on non-developers using iOS betas:

Far worse than that is when these same people flood the App Store with negative ratings for apps that are “broken” in iOS 5, as developer Malcolm Barclay noted a couple months ago. “Your app crashes on launch in iOS 5. ONE STAR until it’s fixed.” These negative reviews have an insidious effect on developers’ bottom line. Many users base their app buying decisions on an app’s reviews, and if a dozen or more non-developers flood a small app with one-star ratings over iOS 5 incompatibility issues, it might mean that people who otherwise would have downloaded the app will avoid it instead.

This angers me to no end. I wonder how many of these people are using a legitimate1 version of the iOS beta. Not that it matters. I agree with those who have said that if you are running and iOS beta you should not be able to leave reviews. Then you have people like the guy who wrote into TUAW who clearly don’t know what they are doing. Sometimes it’s scary.

  1. Meaning they are in the Developer program and pay $99/year []