Dan Persa For Heisman

This post refers to espn.go.com

Adam Rittenberg of ESPN.com with the details of Northwestern’s Heisman campaign for Dan Persa:

Interestingly enough, the first piece of Persa propaganda will appear outside Big Ten country, on a stretch of roadway near the ESPN mothership in Bristol, Conn. Northwestern is hoping to put Persa’s name on the radar for my ESPN colleagues, who help shape opinion and hype for national awards.

Rittenberg goes on to note that the concept of a “Heisman campaign” is kind of passé, but someone like Persa needs all the help he can get. Although Northwestern’s alumni base is small, they have deep pockets, so this isn’t crazy. I do agree that Persa as a long road ahead of him, and will need the big names ahead of him to have lackluster seasons.