ESPN On XBOX 360 Get’s Better

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Michael Werner of Gizmodo on the revamped ESPN on XBOX 360:

For starters, you’ll be able to watch two games simultaneously in 720p HD, and control them independently using a remote or Kinect voice controls. So you can pause one to focus on other, or watch replays on one side while the other game keeps playing, or however you wanna mix and match two independent games. (You could bring up the same game twice, using one screen for replays while keeping up with the game in real-time in the other.)

Amazing concept, but the fact that it’s ESPN 3 only leaves too many questions right now. It seems like last season ESPN finally changed their policy so that any ESPN game could be watched on ESPN 3, instead of just a select few. If that’s the case, and included the local ABC game, then this would be golden. My guess though, is that most people that live in the market of their favorite team won’t see much use for this.

(via Joystiq)