External Thunderbolt Video Cards Are Coming

This post refers to anandtech.com

Andrew Cunningham of AnandTech on an external Thunderbolt graphics card:

The Thunderbolt ViDock, when it’s released, will be a boon to thin-and-light laptop owners who want good battery life and weight while they’re on the road, but good graphics performance when they’re at their desks.

I am not sure that I have mentioned on this blog at all, but when they first announced Thunderbolt, and I heard about it basically being a PCI Express bus with an external connection, I wondered if external video cards were on the horizon.

I think the market for this will be huge, and if Apple is smart they will offer this for the MacBook Air the same way they offer an external optical drive. I would love the opportunity to use my MacBook Air docked with a much more powerful video card that would allow for gaming and whatnot. I wonder if they would ever built this right into their external displays?

(via Engadget)