Jay Paterno On Pay For Play

This post refers to espn.go.com

Brian Bennett of ESPN.com spoke with Penn St. assistant coach Jay Paterno on pay for play:

“The truth of the matter is, it’s not going to cut down cheating,” he said. “A kid trying to get paid isn’t asking for 300 bucks a game. The [Albert] Means kid from Memphis that Alabama got in trouble for, that was over $200,000. That’s a little more than a stipend. So I don’t think it’s going to solve any of the major issues people think it’s going to solve.”


Paterno said athletes are already getting great value from their scholarships, and that many players might not have gotten accepted to their current schools if not for athletics. He thinks colleges need to do a better job of underscoring what the scholarship provides.

Both are points I believe in and have made in the past. First off, $300 a game would help athletes have more spending money, but like Paterno said, there is no way it stops all the under the table stuff, and that is one argument that players have made about why they do what they do. Second of all, the value of scholarships continues to be underrated. We are slowly turning college athletes into the same spoiled “we need more” guys that pro athletes are.