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Henrik Eneroth måndag with an in-depth re-design of Safari:

Safari in full screen mode works fine on a lap­top dis­play, but that expe­ri­ence doesn’t scale well. On a lar­ger screen, the UI becomes quite dif­ficult to use. Above all, I found it dif­ficult to work with tabs on a screen that large. The tab bar is the 20 pix­els thick blur just bene­ath the add­ress bar in the picture above. Try­ing to click it is just about as close to play­ing darts with a mouse poin­ter as you can get.

This in-depth redesign is amazing. The amount of thought and detail is great. His design is pretty good, and would definitely make more sense than the current implementation of making the browser full-screen with no added functionality.

(via Ben Brooks)