Ridiculous Comparison of Lion to Vista

This post refers to brooksreview.net

Ben Brooks compares upgrading to Lion to his Windows upgrade experience:

With Vista my computer was barely useable, and honestly wasn’t useable for what I wanted to do on it for months.

I made this point to my friend when Lion came out. Times have certainly changed. A couple of years ago almost everyone would wait to upgrade their operating system for a month at least. You had to wait for drivers, compatible software updates, etc. I recall having some issues when going from Tiger to Leopard even1, but nothing like Ben had with Vista.

I do agree that Lion is more buggy, or at least seems that way, than previous OS X upgrades, but comparing the experience to upgrading Windows (at least in the pre-Windows 7 era) is ludicrous. When you take into consideration the ratio of people who upgraded within the first month to the ratio of people having legitimate consistent problems, I think it’s even more ludicrous.

  1. Mostly software that no longer worked []