The Monopoly Auction Rule

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Jonny of Critical Miss wants people to play Monopoly properly:

The first question is why is everyone playing a variant of the actual rules without actually realising it. Well the answer here is that no-one ever actually reads the rules of Monopoly. Monopoly is something you learn through word-of-mouth in childhood, like riding a bike or tying your shoelaces. Your mother, who never read the rules but was instead taught them by her father, taught you, and one day you will teach your children, again without reading the rules first. She passed on broken rules to you and you’ll pass them on to your kids.

I definitely have never read the rules of Monopoly. I vaguely remember someone at some point mentioning the rule about auctioning properties that no one bought.

This article inspired me to play Monopoly on my iPad1 to see how much difference the auction rule made. I have played two complete games with 3 AI opponents and would say there were only 2-3 properties per game that ended up getting auctioned. The impact of the game wasn’t huge, but it added something to it I guess.

(via Daniel Rutter thru Marco Arment)

  1. Which I bought as part of some $0.99 sale a while back []