Gavin Floyd is Better Than Advertised

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JJ Stankevitz from Beer Leaguer on Gavin Floyd:

Over the last three years, 9 WAR has been worth just over $37 million. If we pencil Floyd in for 6 WAR over the next two seasons, he’ll be worth about $24 million (without inflation/market adjustments, so that number may not be completely accurate). Floyd is owed $16.5 million over the next two years.

The focus of this article is on whether or not Gavin Floyd will get traded this offseason, and if he does, will the White Sox get proper value for him.

The theory is that if Mark Buerhle is back, Floyd or Danks must be traded. Danks clearly has more value, but Floyd has been good and I agree with Stankevitz, they won’t get proper value.