Gruber on Windows 8 Tablets

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John Gruber on the Windows 8 tablets:

If I were on the Microsoft/Windows beat, I’d look at this and think, “My god, the iPad has been out for 18 months, the second generation is so popular that Apple has only recently been able to keep them in stock, and Microsoft is still an entire year away from releasing its first competing product. Who cares if it runs fast on high-power high-performance PC hardware, why can’t we see it on low-power mobile hardware?”

Gruber makes a lot of good points. We know his view is typically skewed towards Apple, but it’s hard to get excited about something that is a year away, particularly since the smart money is on an iPad revision between now and then. Having powerful tablets is a nice feather in Microsoft’s cap, but they have to keep the form factor reasonable and keep battery life on par with competing devices.