How Bad Are White Sox Hitters?

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Jim Margalus of South Side Sox on your 2011 Chicago White Sox:

Yes, the White Sox have four [Ed:Dunn, Rios, Morel, Beckham] of the league’s worst hitters in their everyday lineup. That’s why we wanted Alejandro De Aza and Dayan Viciedo involved six weeks before they were. That’s the epitaph on the tombstone. It’s managerial and organizational negligence, plain and simple.

File this one away as probably the biggest reason the 2011 White Sox didn’t make the playoffs. Morel was around for his defense, so he’s a little defendable. Beckham doesn’t play a premium offensive position and deserved this last chance to prove himself. But Dunn and Rios were supposed to make up 2/3rds of middle of the order.

Ozzie should not be able to justify this decision in any way. Anyone who makes the salary argument is an idiot. Think about it, the salary is sunk cost at this point. Wins keep fans coming to the ballpark, losing drives them away. Seems pretty simple to me.