iPad Prominence in Baseball Clubhouses

This post refers to espn.go.com

Jayson Stark of ESPN.com on the iPad’s affect on baseball:

Oh, no — all those stats are synced to a video database of every one of those pitches. So if you want to see how [Carlos] Lee reacted to every slider, low and away, that a right-hander has thrown him in a 1-and-2 count since 2006, that’s now possible. You don’t just have to read about it. Tap the screen on your iPad and watch it.

Interesting, and lengthy, piece about how the iPad is being used extensively in baseball clubhouses for scouting players. Players are learning everything they can about opposing pitchers/batters and increasing the game of cat and mouse.

To me, the biggest advantage is to the smarter guys with less natural talent, who can adjust and predict what’s coming as opposed to guys who just use their physical skills to outmatch people.