It Was Time For Ozzie To Go

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David Schoenfield of on Ozzie Guillen:

The offense collapsed this season, and while Ozzie can’t be completely blamed for the disastrous seasons from Adam Dunn and Alex Rios, he can perhaps be faulted for the regression of Gordon Beckham, his insistence on batting Juan Pierre leadoff, and his inability to find better solutions other than keeping Dunn and Rios out there day after day. When things go wrong, the best managers show some creativity; Ozzie seemed unable to come up with or try a Plan B.

As a big White Sox fan, those are my thoughts exactly. Guillen didn’t try to mix things up when it wasn’t working. He kept trotting Dunn and Rios out there over and over. Then he had the gaul to say that he should get more money have underachieving yet again.

I think it was time to part ways. He had worn out his welcome and his antics had grown stale. More importantly he wasn’t winning and wasn’t making adjustments to try and win.