Marco Arment Goes From Two Computers to One

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Marco Arment on his new single computer setup:

Yes, Dropbox helps a lot. But multi-computer usage still sucks for so many reasons, because most files, applications, and settings don’t sync. And if your laptop has a smaller capacity or lower performance than your desktop (as it probably does), it’s going to be less useful than you need, more often than you think.

He continues:

The economics aren’t great, either. Having two computers means at least two hard drives or SSDs to buy and keep backed up, two sets of RAM to maximize, two AppleCares, and two licenses for some apps.

I recently mentioned about my (potential) future plans to get an iMac and rock a two-computer laptop/desktop/iPad setup. But Arment makes so many good points in his article, it will definitely me in my head going forward.