Not Planning To Buy NBA 2K12 Anytime Soon

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Pasta Padre on NBA 2K12:

Now just one week out from release of NBA 2K12 the unique circumstances are about to be realized as there is no end in sight for the league lockout. 2K12 will arrive largely using last years rosters and without any rookies – with features such as NBA Today being negated. In exchange 2K Sports offers an increased focus on legends and historic teams though they will not be playable online.

All of that combined is why I don’t see myself getting this game until Christmas at the earliest. There doesn’t seem to be a enough different without updated rosters to pay for a new game. And with the NBA on lockout I won’t really be all that into playing anyway. I wonder if they will give away DLC or change their stance on historic teams online to try and boost sales in a month or so.