One More Thing…About Steve Jobs

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MG Siegler of TechCrunch on Steve Jobs:

At the 25th hour, Jobs returned. He quickly re-installed his vision. And this time, the timing was exactly right. His vision seemed perfectly in line with the world at large. The result was a 14-year run that took Apple from near-death to the most valuable company on the planet. It wasn’t just hit after hit after hit. It was homerun after homerun after homerun.

We don’t yet know what Apple’s legacy will be long term. The slice of history they have sliced out over the last 15 years seems extraordinarily significant now, but it won’t be unit 2030 or later that we really will know if this was on the same level as say, Ford.

But if there were stats for businesses like there are for sports, Jobs would be looking at a Ruthian career.