Predicting the Future of Technology

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Shawn Blanc on the future of technology:

After all the maturing computers have done in the past 30 years, imagine what they will look like in another 30 years. If they even exist as we know them today…

This is one of my favorite conversations to have with people. Technology, communication and personal computing have come so far in the last 20 years that there is no predicting where we will be in the next 20.

Lot’s of people didn’t have answering machines 20 years ago, meaning that if I called someone and they weren’t home I just had to keep calling back until I got them. Now I can send them a short message that I know they will receive almost instantly wherever they are.

The computer Alex Lindsay used to edit Star Wars Episode 1 was less powerful than the iPhone I carry around with me every day. The iPad I have is 1000 times1 more powerful than the computers used to land people on the moon.

I don’t see a scenario where people can realistically predict where we will be in 20 years. I personally expect a lot more voice recognition and potentially self-driving, or at least partially self-driving, cars.

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