The Cost of Call of Duty Elite

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Mike Schramm of Joystiq with the news of Call of Duty Elite costing $49.99 and at least one thing it includes:

First, subscribers will get a year’s worth of downloadable content for Modern Warfare 3. That is over 20 pieces of new content, he says, spooled out over monthly content drops. That content will include new maps, new game modes and more, with a total cost of over $60 if purchased separately.

That will likely be enough to warrant the decision for most semi-hardcore to hardcore players. Each map pack is running $15 these days, and assuming three map packs, that only leaves $5 more, which is worth it for most people.

I myself have grown bored with the last two Call of Duty games before the map packs come out, so most likely I will take a pass on Elite.