Updates to NBA 2K My Player Mode

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Late in the Spring, Chris and I got hooked on NBA 2K11‘s My Player mode, where you create a player and take him through an NBA career. This mode really isn’t new, it’s been done for a while now in various sports games. I have given it a go in NCAA Football series a couple of times, but generally don’t spend much time with it.

I found last year that when we played NBA 2K11 together (2 or 3 of us), my favorite part was picking one guy, generally who wasn’t a scorer, and dedicating myself to being a good role player. I loved blocking shots and rebounding more than being the go-to scorer. So I created a PF in the mold of Serge Ibaka who was great at blocking shots and rebounding.

It’s great to see the whole list of changes and improvements made to this mode in NBA 2K12. I am still on the fence about buying it, but these changes definitely help.

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