Watching TV With Social Networks: Beware of Spoilers

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Andy Greenwald of Grantland on watching TV in the social networking age:

Television is no longer a passive medium; it demands attention, involvement, and that most precious of commodities, dragon eggs time. (Even the DVR — that magical device that promised to unshackle us from the cruel constraints of schedules and commercials — hasn’t been able to defeat the scourge of Internet immediacy. If you don’t watch a serialized show the night it’s on, you’re likely to be spoiled faster than a bucket of milk left on the tarmac at Kandahar International.)

So true. I think people try somewhat not to give away details on social networks anymore. Most likely due to the fact that they themselves haven’t watched the episode yet, or because they wouldn’t want a show spoiled for them. But you are definitely rolling the dice if you are on a social network during (or shortly after) a show airs.