Being A Sports Kid in the Early 1990s

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Rembert Browne of Grantland talks about being a sports kid in the ’90s:

It was exceptional to be a sports-obsessed child of the ’90s (ages 3 to 13) for 10 main reasons:

1. Sports Illustrated for Kids
2. NBA Inside Stuff
3. D2: The Mighty Ducks
4. Ken Griffey Jr.
5. The naive belief that you had the only Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card
6. Matt Christopher books
7. Space Jam
8. Jordan Highlight VHS box sets
9. MTV Rock ‘N’ Jock Basketball (Dan Cortese, I SEE you).
10. Starter jackets

I had most of those on there. Matt Christopher books and Dan Cortese in the Rock ‘N Jock were two things I thought were somewhat unique about me. I had no idea who Dan Cortese was, and I still don’t know what he was famous for, but I do remember him being in all of those Rock ‘N Jock games.