Companies Save Money By Having Employees Buy Computers

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Verne G. Kopytoff of the New York Times on employees buying their own computers for work:

Encouraging employees to buy their own laptops, or bring their mobile phones and iPads from home, is gaining traction in the workplace. A survey published on Thursday by Forrester Research found that 48 percent of information workers buy smartphones for work without considering what their I.T. department supports. By being more flexible, companies are hoping that workers will be more comfortable with their devices and therefore more productive.

I know of some companies that have started to shift this way, but I hadn’t seen it talked about from an “improved productivity” angle. Most of the time it’s about cost savings.

By having employees buy their own hardware, it not only saves the company costs of buying/leasing laptops/smartphones, but also means they are off the hook for simple support and maintenance. I expect more and more companies to go this way in the next 10 years, especially as the younger, more tech savvy workforce starts taking over.

(via TUAW)