Daytona USA Coming to XBOX Live

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Ludwig Kietzmann of Joystiq on the announcement of Daytona USA:

Years after arcade-perfect ports provided the ultimate incentive to get a console, Sega is bringing the “original” Daytona USA to the North American PlayStation Network on October 25th, and to Xbox Live Arcade the following day. Europe will see it in “late November,” Sega says. Ten bucks gets you “classic retro graphics” presented in HD, widescreen format, steering wheel support (all wheels for Xbox 360, and only Logitech GT Driving Force on PS3) and eight-player online racing.

Definitely remember playing this in the arcade when I was a kid. Also remember playing it at some point on someone’s Sega Saturn. It was an OK game but nothing really NASCAR about it besides the graphics. For $10 it’s probably worth the nostalgia for most people, but I don’t know if I am in yet.