Dave Caolo Defends OS X Lion’s Launchpad

This post refers to 52tiger.net

Dave Caolo of 52 Tiger on OS X Lion’s Launchpad:

I’d wager that “home users” get more use out of it than Mac veterans. I also feel that it does so spectacularly well. Apple has done a great job with Launchpad, and it’s easy to see how it benefits a huge number of users. Here are a few things Launchpad gets right.

I agree with Caolo completely. I think Launchpad is pretty silly to most Mac “veterans”, but based on my experience watching Mac newbies try to “install” or launch apps pre-Lion, this feature must be huge.

Overall, I don’t see the point of complaining about features that you don’t use that stay out of your way. With the exception of installing apps from the Mac App Store I haven’t seen Launchpad at all. I think if it’s helpful to some, it’s a winner.