Episode #21: Steve Jobs, iPhone 4S Disappointment and the Best Sports Month

We discuss the just breaking news (at recording time) of Steve Jobs untimely death. The impact on society and technology that is his legacy. Then we cover the “disappointment” of the iPhone 4S announcement. Why were people so “let down?” Did we agree with the disappointment? Are we excited for the new device? Then we finish up with a discussion about what is the best sports month? What is the worst? And don’t forget to visit our new Facebook Page http://facebook.com/hippopodamus

Guest: Chris http://twitter.com/cmwilliams51

Running Time: About 39 minutes

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Hippo Highlights:

  • Chris: Logitech Harmony One – universal remote
  • Berserk Hippo: Confidence – 2003 movie about con men starring Ed Burns, Paul Giamatti and Dustin Hoffman

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