NFL Blitz Is Coming Back

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Ray Carsillo of EGM on the reincarnation of NFL Blitz:

The new NFL Blitz looks to return the franchise to its arcade roots, and from what we’ve seen based on our hands-on time, it looks like this was an easy score for EA. Aside from 30-yard first downs and 2-minute quarters, you’ll see post-play elbow drops, players launching themselves across the field like missiles to make unbelievable tackles, and guys just getting the ever-loving stuffing beaten out of them without a single yellow penalty flag in sight.

For those of you new(er) to video games, you may not be familiar with the insane NFL Blitz franchise. It was arcade-style football with few rules and crazy fast-paced gameplay and brutal after the whistle hits and animations. The game was best played together in person with all sorts of yelling and craziness. Although it’s not something that I probably have time for now, I am definitely nostalgic.

(There is a trailer at the link)

(via Joystiq)