People Want to Pay for TextMate 2

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Marco Arment responding to the news that TextMate 2 is finally coming:

Given the value that we get out of TextMate, it’s already grossly underpriced. Please let us give you more money.

TextMate is easily the most popular text editor/development tool on the Mac. Most people have been anxiously awaiting TextMate 2 for years, but it seemed like it would be nothing more than vaporware. The freeness of the upgrade was promised long ago, but Marco (and I would presume others) is willing to pay again.

To me, the solution to this is simple. Put TextMate 2 in the Mac App Store allowing people who want to pay again to do so. It also adds the convenience of having new users buy it that way and makes it easy to install on multiple machines and upgrade later. And then also offer an upgrade version outside of the app store for those that feel the need to not pay again. My guess is that a lot of people will pay again because of the love people have for it, and based on the fact that lots of other apps have already made users pay again.