Sebastian Janikowski Is NOT The Worst Pick Ever

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Robert Mays of Grantland on Sebastian Janikowski

Protesting clearly didn’t really do much good. Because here I am, defending what has been called the worst pick in the history of the NFL Draft.

The worst pick in the history of the NFL Draft? That smells like hyperbole to me. The idea of drafting a kicker in the first round is dumb. But in retrospect, does this even crack the top 100 worst picks of all-time?

Consider this, Janikowski has played nearly 12 seasons and 200 games. He ranks 26th all-time in field goals made. With about 4 more seasons he could crack the top 10 of all-time.

Think about how many players don’t play 12 NFL games in their career. Consider the #1 pick in the same draft as Janikowski, Courtney Brown, and ask yourself which guy you would rather have had.

Wild and crazy pick? Yes. Worst pick ever? Sheer lunacy.