Two “Super Conference” Scenarios

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Misopogon from mgoblog on the 16-team super conferences

I don’t even know how to balance a schedule with 6 division opponents, 7 cross-divisional opponents, and 9 conference games. Teams will undoubtedly have six-year intervals without playing each other at all. If they started in 2012, Pitt could see FSU at home six times between now and 2043. This is about how often Michigan plays UCLA.

The entire article is so solid. Misopogon lays out two interesting scenarios for the future, but it appears clear that college football will likely being very different in the next few years.

I still think we are going to the four “super conference” scenario at some point. I don’t think it will be automatically better, but then again I am in the minority of people who don’t think there is anything wrong with the current scenario.