What Four Months With Android Is Like

This post refers to dinnerwithandroid.tumblr.com

Ryan Heise from My Dinner With Android switches from iOS to Android for 4 months, then shares:

With Android, at least on my Nexus S, nothing feels this good. Everything still feels like an input that is creating a reaction. You do something with your fingers, the OS interrupts it, and stuff happens on the screen. The performance isn’t there, and to me it feels bad.

The feature on the original iPhone that blew most geeks away was the amazingly responsive touch interface. They made a touch interface that you control with your finger that is so responsive that it really does feel like you are manipulating things in space.

Three years in and everything I have read points to Android still getting bogged down. I know I am considered an Apple Fanboy, and by no means am I trying to convince people they should be using an iPhone. My opinion is that it’s personal preference and you should use what you like. But for all the Android Fanboys (and/or Apple Haters) who complain that everything is compared to the iPhone/iPad, this is the reason why. Because people who use both consistently point out how much better the experience is on iOS.

(via Daring Fireball)