White Sox Ticket Price Changes

This post refers to chicagobusiness.com

Ed Sherman of Chicago Business talks White Sox tickets:

Losing money isn’t part of the model. Mr. [Brooks] Boyer admitted the Sox will be in the red this year, although he wouldn’t get into exact figures. It’s fairly easy to do the math. The Sox had a team-record $127-million payroll, and they will draw around 2 million fans, down from 2.2 million in 2010.

Attendance was down, likely for multiple reasons. Partially due to the fact that the economy hasn’t gotten better and baseball games are expensive. Partially because the White Sox had a bad season and their prize free agent Adam Dunn was a colossal bust. I don’t expect things to be any better next year since the Sox probably won’t win more games. The White Sox have the 4th highest ticket prices in baseball, but are rarely in the top 10 performance-wise. Something has to give.

(via South Side Sox)