Does Siri Meet the Hype?

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Chris Perez of Unplggd on Siri:

Imagine you’re driving with attention on the road, and suddenly find inspiration or need to take an action requiring the phone. Simple. Just hold down the Home button and beckon Siri to jot down some notes and reminders. Pretty basic, not too demanding. Siri should be able to handle that, right?

I have had my iPhone 4S for a week today. My reviews of Siri are somewhat mixed. When holding the phone near my face and using the built-in microphone it seems to work pretty well. Even in the car, with my Bluetooth receiver, asking it to call a person or play a song seems to work pretty well. But one of the features I was looking to most was the ability to send text messages with my voice in the car. So far, like Chris, I have struggled mightily to get this to be consistently accurate.

I think it’s still early, and I think Siri has some good uses, but it wasn’t the home run that most reviews made it out to be.