Exercising Jason Frasor

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Jim Margalus of South Side Sox on the White Sox exercising Jason Frasor’s option:

But now he’s not, and now I’m confused, because Frasor figures to be even less important if Addison Reed is the real deal. If the Sox need to cut costs like Kenny Williams has repeatedly suggested, Frasor was one of the first places to start.

I knew Frasor didn’t have a great season but I thought exercising his $3.75 million option was a no brainer, but perhaps I was wrong. Assuming Chris Sale will move to the rotation, the White Sox still return the top four relievers based on appearances (Thornton, Santos, Crain and Ohman). Since Santos, Thornton and Crain are essentially their 7-8-9th inning guys, and Ohman is the LOOGY1, the other 2 (?) spots are reserved for a garbage time guy and maybe a long inning man.

Seems like you could have got both of those for far less that $3.75 million.

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