iOS IM Client Verbs Still Lacking

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Lex Friedman of Macworld on iOS IM client Verbs:

The other big missing feature in Verbs is push notifications. The app can tell you about IMs you receive when it’s not running—but only for ten minutes, only through local notifications. If you want true push notifications about received messages outside that ten-minute window, you’ll need to pony up $5 for an in-app purchase called Verbs Pro.

Verbs is very nice looking, and when it first came out I was about to pull the trigger, when I read the fine print and found that it didn’t come with push notifications. The developers defended the move by citing the high cost of maintaing a notification server, which is understandable, but to me an IM application must have push notifications to be useful.

They eventually added it for additional cost via an in-app purchase, but I remain annoyed that this isn’t packaged with the app, even if it cost more up front. At some point I may invest in Verbs, but at the moment I will stick with Beejive.