Navigon 2.0 For iOS Allows Maps To Be Downloaded By State

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Mel Martin of TUAW on the updated iOS Navigon app:

Navigon 2.0 is a complete rethink of the app, with new GUI elements, and the ability to selectively download just the states you want maps for. Never get to the West coast? Save space by not putting those maps on your iPhone at all. Users of the North America and USA versions in particular will benefit, so map storage can be measured in megabytes rather than gigabytes.

Really excellent move by Navigon. The space saving is significant and the truth if that most people don’t need more than three states or so most of the time. Prior to this update, the Navigon app was easily the the most space-consuming app on my iPhone.

One thing to take note of, upon updating the application the maps must be downloaded and this takes a lot of bandwidth. So after updating the app be sure to launch it right away and download the states you need while still on Wi-Fi.