Pygmy Reviews #7: iPhone Apps

If you are new to Pygmy Reviews, they are short quick reviews of several things of the same type. The name comes from the pygmy hippopotamus

The price is at the time of publication, not necessarily the price I paid. And the version was the version reviewed.

League of Evil ($1.99, v1.40)

One Line Description: 2D platforming game with semi-retro graphics.

I have never been all that into platforming games and this is no exception. It adopts the concept of wall jumping too, where basically you jump on a wall and then can jump again if timed right. I find these kinds of games frustrating because I don’t like playing the same parts over and over again. I like the graphics though and if platformers were more my speed I would be into this.

QuickCal Mobile ($0.99, v1.5)

One Line Description: An iOS1 calendar app with the unique feature of “natural language” even entering.

Like the wonderful Fantastical for the Mac, the key feature to QuickCal is the ability to enter things quickly as a sentence instead of filling out individual fields. In other words, I can type “Lunch with Bob tomorrow 3p-4p at Wendys” and it can parse that and add it to my calendar. This is an invaluable feature to someone who enters a lot of appointments on their iPhone. To be honest I don’t use this other than that feature, since I prefer Calvetica, but still, the natural language feature is totally worth the cost.

Find My Friends (Free, v1.0)

One Line Description: Shows the physical location of you and your friends that have enabled the service.

Apple released this as a standalone along iOS 5. You add friends, via e-mail address, and when the service is enabled it shows you where that person is at any given time. Essentially a GPS tracker that a person has enabled on them self. Although it seems creepy and weird I have come up with a couple of use cases. The most obvious being if you have kids and want to know where they are all the time, you can force them to use this. The second being a situation where you are meeting someone somewhere. For example, you are picking your friend up from the airport or meeting them for dinner someplace. Rather than constantly having to provide updates while driving they could track you on this app and see exactly where you are at. From a day-to-day use perspective though, I can’t see the value.

Posted ($1.99, v1.38)

One Line Description: An application for tracking package shipments.

Posted is one of many applications that exists for tracking packages. It is by no means the prettiest or most popular, in both cases I would guess Delivery Status Touch wins out. But Posted is cheap (I actually picked it up for $0.99 when I got it) compared to others, and thus far has been reliable. It does have Push Notifications that seem timely. Even at $1.99 it seems like a cheap solution to tracking packages.

Capture ($0.99)

One Line Description: A video camera application that starts recording on launch.

As iPhones get faster and faster, the benefits of this application become less and less. The idea essentially is that as soon as this application opens it starts recording. Which potentially saves the user a couple of seconds vs. opening the built-in Camera app, potentially switching to video mode and hitting record. On my 3GS, the time it took the Camera app to launch alone was several seconds, so the time saved then was huge. Now, it’s not as beneficial. But if you find yourself constantly just missing important moments by 1-2 seconds, this app could probably help.

  1. They also make a Mac version []