RSS Syncing Based on Dropbox Is Tough

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Brent Simmons on building a multi-platform RSS syncing solution:

This system needs a web app with a database. The web app would not have to have an HTML UI: it could be built solely to support syncing, and be otherwise invisible.

With the recent announcement that Google was ripping some of the functionally out of Google Reader and putting it into Google+, there has been a lot of speculation that the “unsupported APIs” within Google Reader that people use to make RSS apps that sync with tit would go away.

What that means is that anyone who uses things like Reeder would be out of luck at some point. Simmons, who created the original gold standard in Mac RSS applications, NetNewsWire, knows a thing or two about this.

I agree with basically everything he says, but particularly the part above. These RSS apps that are built around Google Reader don’t have to handle any of the syncing, just calling APIs. And using Dropbox won’t work because the scaling of using a non-database just isn’t feasible.

(via Marco Arment)