Tony La Russa Retires In Rare Company

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Jayson Stark of writing about Tony La Russa’s retirement:

This man has won three World Series. Eight other managers in history have won three or more — but only one of those eight (Joe Torre) ever faced the challenge of winning a World Series in an era in which that required winning THREE postseason series.

In typical Stark fashion there are more great factoids as well. I think La Russa is immensely underrated as a manager, especially considering the era he managed in. But it’s easy to overlook the fact that La Russa managed for 33 years and 5097 games, which leaves him comfortably in 2nd place for the latter. To put that into perspective, only one other active manager has surpassed 3000 games, and that’s Jim Leyland. Leyland would have to manage for almost 12 more seasons to catch him.