Bobby Valentine Is Back

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Tim Kurkjian of on new Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine:

He was a great football player; he once scored six touchdowns in the first half of a game at Stamford (Conn.) High School. He was heading to USC to replace O.J. Simpson at tailback, but he chose baseball over football after then-Dodgers general manager Al Campanis asked him, “What would you rather do, play against the best football players in the Pac-10 or against the best baseball players in the world?”

Amazing. Definitely never knew that. Kurkjian’s piece is very glowing, and he talks about Valentines’ knowledge as a baseball man. He does mention Valentine’s smugness, but what he fails to mention is why this “great baseball mind” hasn’t been a manager in the big leagues for 9 seasons. I know he managed in Japan, and has been associated with some openings the last few years, but there might be something to this.

But at the same time, he might be the kind of manager the Red Sox need to get back on track.