Cardinals Are Only Team That Should Pay Pujols

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B-Bo on Albert Pujols:

It also makes perfect sense for the Cardinals NOT to match the offer that the Marlins supposedly threw out there. Pujols is 31 years old now, which means his deal ends in 2020, which would be Pujols’ 20th major league season in his (supposed) 40th year on Earth. I think the Cardinals got the majority of Albert’s prime and would be investing in a slightly above average player about 4-5 years into the deal, with declining stats from there.

I disagree. I think the Cardinals are the only team that should pay Pujols his full quote. Even though they will technically be paying him for the next 10 seasons, they made so much money off of him over the first 10 seasons that they will break even. It’s every other team that will be overpaying and not getting their money.