Brett Terpstra’s Impressions of the Nest Thermostat

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Brett Terpstra on the Nest Thermostat:

Once you’ve told it your preferred temperatures, maximum and minimum ranges, it immediately starts taking things into its own hands. This is an intrinsic energy saver, as even if you usually remember to turn the thermostat down when you’re leaving and program a sleep pattern, this offers more precise control and deals with times you may forget.

The Nest uses a motion detector to tell when you are gone and adjust the temperature when no one is home. The problem, which I have stated in the past, is that your thermostat has to be in a high traffic area for the motion sensor to be effective.

Regardless, Terpstra loves the Nest so far. This seems like the kind of technology1 that you really have to have deep pockets for, but it’s still cool.

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