Siri Wishlist

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Dan Moren and Lex Friedman on Siri improvements:

If Siri gets the text of your reminder wrong after you dictate it, you can simply say, “Change that to ‘Buy milk,’” and Siri makes the correction. But if you dictate an email of more than a few sentences, and you see that Siri understood the gist of it, but mangled a few words and phrases, re-reciting the entire message feels tiresome. Sure, you can tap into Siri’s transcriptions and make the necessary edits, but ideally, you’d tell Siri just what to fix: “Change ‘elephant shoe’ to ‘I’ll have that, too.’”

A very comprehensive “wishlist” for Siri. I would love to see most of these, but better transcription correction is the key one to me. I think I would use Siri a lot more if, when it misunderstood me, I didn’t have to recite the entire thing again.