Will Concussions Kill American Football?

This post refers to grantland.com

Jonah Lehrer of Grantland:

If the sport of football ever dies, it will die from the outside in. It won’t be undone by a labor lockout or a broken business model — football owners know how to make money. Instead, the death will start with those furthest from the paychecks, the unpaid high school athletes playing on Friday nights. It will begin with nervous parents reading about brain trauma, with doctors warning about the physics of soft tissue smashing into hard bone, with coaches forced to bench stars for an entire season because of a single concussion.

Consider me in the camp that is buying the warnings around the long term affects of concussions. I also agree with those who have said football could become like boxing in the next 30 years, a secondary sport. As more and more parents keep their kids from playing football, elite athletes will end up elsewhere. And this sport that dominates America right now, might go the way of boxing, which also once dominated American sports.