E-Mail Overload Is Not About E-Mail

This post refers to parislemon.com

MG Siegler (NSFW):

On Twitter, it’s acceptable not to respond to every Tweet sent your way. With email, it’s considered rude not to respond. That’s a problem.

Not sure it’s that simple. It’s acceptable not to reply to every tweet because every tweet isn’t written needing a reply like most emails are. To me, this problem isn’t about email, email is just the vehicle.

This seems more about the fact that the web has made it so easy for people to find and contact people they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Whether it’s email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, SMS or some new method, the quantity isn’t likely to change, in fact it’s likely to increase further.

Until people stop reaching out, this problem doesn’t go away. I feel like if I ever got as big as Siegler that I would have something on my contact form, or whoever, that says “I read every email but don’t have time to respond.” And people who don’t like that won’t waste their time.