Is Brent Morel the Next Next Jose Bautista?

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Lewie Pollis on the next Jose Bautista:

That leaves only one option: Brent Morel. He’s not a perfect fit with Zobrist, Bautista and Morse—this will be his age-25 season so a significant improvement wouldn’t be seen as coming out of nowhere, and having appeared on Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospects list he’s of a higher pedigree than his breakout predecessors.

Pollis’ article is a little tongue in cheek, but I still got chills thinking about Morel having a breakout season of that caliber. Pollis focuses on Morel’s great September and notes that often there is a breakout star tucked away in the list of September leaders in HR/FB ratio. I am not sure if I am buying it, but as I said in my White Sox preview, if everything breaks perfectly this team has a high ceiling.