Joe Paterno’s Legacy

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Kennard Husker:

So what is Joe Paterno’s legacy? What is his story? Many believe that JoePa’s story will end up focusing on the good more than the bad. I think that is true, but for now until I am gone, I’ll always think about his statement, “With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more.” There are a few moments in our lives where we have an opportunity to actually shape the stories that are told about us when we are gone. For most of Joe Paterno’s life, he did more to create a positive and lasting image of greatness than any one of us can imagine. From a strict standpoint of success, honor, dedication, and genuine goodness, Joe Paterno seemed to do everything the right way. In one moment, that legacy was tarnished, and I feel like he knew that his actions would stick with him as an undertone to all the good he did. I think that was a regret he probably thought about until his final day.

Probably one of the best Paterno pieces I have read to this point. Very well stated, and hit the point home, this guy may have made one big mistake, but that can’t full cancel out all the good he did.