Cloud Sync Finally Goes Public

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Steve Sande:

Things has been a popular to-do app and project manager, winning an Apple Design Award in 2009. Cultured Code has been slow to create a cloud syncing solution, earning the criticism of Things users who pointed out that other to-do apps like OmniFocus and Firetask were able to move to the cloud quickly. The availability of the public beta is a sign that the long wait may finally be near an end.

I was a user of Things since the first Mac beta way back when. I owned it for Mac and iPhone at one point. I never thought that the lack of cloud sync was that big of a deal and when I decided to switch to OmniFocus last year, it was less about that and more about people constantly singing OmniFocus’ praises. But after about a month of so with seamless syncing process I understood why people were so mad Things didn’t have it.

As Sande says, people have been furious that it’s taken so long. Shawn Blanc did a podcast (members only) where he discussed whether Things could be considered abandonware because it never got cloud sync or any major updates in a while. Like Shawn, I have a hard time quickly classifying things as abandonware, but I still don’t think Cultured Code could rightly justify how long this took.